Professional Investors

If you represent a Family Office or Registered Investment Advisor we’d love to explore how we can help you deploy capital at scale and minimize risk in this attractive asset class.

Family Offices

Our funds provide exposure to lower-middle market businesses in a way that most private equity offerings cannot, and support the growth of entrepreneurs and communities in the process. 

When it comes to working together we’re open to a variety of arrangements to best fit your preferred investment style and structure.

Registered Investment Advisors

Our funds, which are relatively small and focused on a market niche that less than 1% of private equity AUM invests in, can be a great differentiator for you with your clients. 

We partner with investors who:

Are interested in diversifying into ‘main street’ businesses via a portfolio approach.

Prefer investment vehicles that both generate strong cash flow and have longer-term growth potential.

Have a passion for entrepreneurship and see the value in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We’re happy to tailor our offerings to best meet your needs. Please reach out through our contact form to start the conversation.